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All acting members are required to audition for the society. On the day the membership panel will consist of some of the friendly faces from our general committee. They will all have been in your shoes at some point, auditioning to join the society. They therefore know just how daunting an audition is and will do their best to put you at ease.

During your audition you will be required to perform a musical theatre song of your choice, a small section of acting dialogue and a short piece of dancing choreography that will be set on the day of the audition. The aim is to check you can sing in tune, to get an idea of your spoken voice and to check you can move in time to music.

After you have performed for us, the panel will invite you to sit and have an informal conversation with them about general interests to get to know you better. You will also be given the opportunity to ask any questions. Don't worry if you think of something afterwards; just contact our Membership Secretary and they'll be able to answer any other questions.

Once you have left the audition, you will be informed either by phone call or email if you were successful or not. 

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