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Meet the Committee

Meet the group of people who help make SODS happen!

Elected Members 

Amelie Wright 


Amelie joined SODS in June 2021 for “Scrooge the musical” and has loved every moment with the society since. She joined the committee as an elected member in April 2023 and is really enjoying help run the society as part of a great committee team!

Kirsty Buxton 


Kirsty joined SODs in October 2015 as an acting member and has been a part of the committee on and off since then. She previously acted as General Secretary before taking a break from committee in 2019. In 2023 she rejoined committee as Elected Member.

Hannah Broad  


Hannah joined SODS in 2008 as an Acting Member. Since 2010, she has been part of the Stage Managent team, regularly calling the shows as Deputy Stage Manager. On Committee, she has been Assistant Publicity Officer, Marketing Officer and Membership Secretary and is currently an Elected Member.

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